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XCOPY ft. Deca

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Why We Made This Site

Hey there! Our website, RC.XYZ, isn't linked to DECA or XCOPY, but we're huge admirers of their artwork, "Right Click Share" (RCS). Our NFT platform for artists is inspired by the name of RCS, and we want to help to promote this project as a great example of how art and crypto can bring people together. Plus, we are the biggest collectors.

We believe that RCS has the potential to become a well-known NFT artwork that people associate with terms like "NFT" and "digital art." Each of the 1024 RCS NFTs consists of single-color tiles that, when combined, form a complete image. This image portrays a doubtful guy who doesn't see the value in crypto art. He often teases those who create or purchase it, asking, "Why would I buy it when I can right-click and save as?" – a depiction of a so-called right-clicker.

Right Click Share History

"Right Click Share" is a spin-off artwork from XCOPY, based on their famous piece "Right-Click and Save As Guy," which was bought by Snoop Dogg for $7 million. On May 31, 2022, XCOPY teamed up with DECA to launch an experimental art project called "Right Click Share". Both artworks are CC0. They made the original image simpler by breaking it into 1024 little squares (pixels) and gave them away to XCOPY and DECA users for free. The artwork is alive because each pixel has to be attested every year, or it will turn white.


RCS it's a genuine collaborative art piece, bringing the crypto community together to create fully on-chain art. A single pixel may not mean much, but when everyone works together and confirms their pixels, the artwork will display all its colors.

Each pixel must be attested to show its true colors. If the owner doesn't confirm the pixel each year, it appears as a blank space. There are 2^1024 different combinations, so we may never see the same image twice.

Attestation can be done at https://deca.art/rcs

How does RCS function from a technical standpoint?

RCS is an ERC721 standard collection located at the address 0xd16809C0a7d82C9E7552a01Fd608fFF90EFb564f, featuring 1,025 tokens in total. It includes a unique token for each pixel and an extra token representing the entire artwork. This special token, without an owner, was burned upon contract deployment and serves only to display the complete piece. Unlike most NFTs, the full image is stored on-chain as a 32x32 pixel matrix, with the entire artwork generated as an SVG and presented as a string. Additionally, the contract records the last date when a token owner attested to their pixel. If over a year has passed since attestation, the artwork-generating algorithm will display a white pixel instead of the original color.

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